Joomla CMS Framework- Widely Used Platform for Developing Customized Websites

Joomla being an open-source and free CMS framework, the popularity of this framework has escalated worldwide! Written on PHP, Joomla framework has a healthy list of free-to-use plugins.

Joomla is built on Model-View-Controller framework. This framework uses Object-Oriented programming techniques as well as software design patterns. Joomla stores data in MySQL, MS SQL or PostgreSQL database.

Joomla includes features like Page caching, Printable versions of pages, RSS Feeds, News Flashes, Search, Blogs and Multilanguage support. Joomla is effectively helpful in editing and managing the contents of the website.

Joomla being integrated with free-to-use plugins it helps in developing websites with innovative and unique features. The developed websites on Joomla are easily customizable.

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